DeVry University

Distance from my house
It is about 12.3 miles away from were i live and it will take me about 25 minutes to get there
It cost aboutSMU.jpg 2 dollars to get there because i only use half a gallon of gas if i decide to drive there.
It will not be smart to fly to the same city.devry.JPG

The best place I can go between my two choices is Devry University because it is cheaper but the chances of me getting a job would be at SMU. Devry is a lot cheaper when it comes to tuition because it is like thousands of dollars less. Also I would live in school if I were to attend SMU which would make it really expensive. In the other hand if I went to Devry I could get an apartment near by and save a lot of money. In transportation it would be about the same. That is why I would rather go to devry instead of SMU. (I really want to go to SMU though.

I would decide to save it in the bank because SMU is a very expensive university, I would save it for next semester or to buy some books. I would not use it for entertainment because it is so expensive at SMU.