University of Colorado--Boulder
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Assuming that a 25 mpg car went from Irving to the university it would take aproximaly $192 if gas was $4.00 a gallon
There is an aiport in the city but you can not fly to it from DFW. You have to fly to Denver then drive almost 30 miles so youd probably have to take a bus or taxi if you don't have a ride already lined up. The University was founded in 1876.
Historical Facts: The Univeristy of Colorado at Boulder is the largest university in Colorado. First to create a new form of matter, the Bose-Einstein condensate, just a few hundred billionths of a degree abe absolute zero. First to observe a "fermionic condensate" formed from pairs of atoms in a gas. The number one university recipient of NASA funding. Developed the "FluChip" to aid physicians in diagnosing respiratory illness and differentiating between three types of influenza and other viruses that cause similar symptoms.

I think going to Colorado would be better because they pay spend less on food and gas. They have a larger tuition. Their books and supplies are cheaper. They may have less entertainment but that means they spend less on it. They dont use as much gas. They dont spend as much for food as FSU.
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