Northwestern University
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2.)From Irving,Tx to the Evanston/Chicago, IL its 984 miles, which is 15 hours to get there.
If u go in car to Chicago you would spend approximately $157.44 to get there not including food expenses.
3.)If u go in a plane you will spend $242 per person.
You will depart from the DFW Internatiobnal Airport at 6:00 AM and arrive in Chicago, IL at 8:15AM, Its a non-stop flight. You will arrive at the O Hare International Airport.
When you get to the O Hare International Airport you will need to take a taxi to the Northwestern University. The cost of the taxi is going to be $22.55. So your basically going to drive for 11 miles plus a 50 cent toll fee.
This is the population graph. It tells you the different race of Irving and Texas.