North Carolina State University--Raleigh


$618 - Flight to Raleigh from Dallas

$190 - Driving to Raleigh

Demographics of each race compared to Irving.
The main differnece between the two cities is that Raleigh has a great majority of black people. Irving obviously lead in the Mexican count. And booth cities lack in American Indian.
Raleigh gets plenty of rain throughout the year. Irving has a decline of rain during the summer. As far as temperature goes, both cities are the same.
Historical Facts

  • The University of North Carolina was the first public university in the United States to open its doors (1795) and the only one to graduate students in the eighteenth century.
  • By 1972 all of the state's public education institutions that grant baccalaureate degrees had become part of the University of North Carolina through legislative action.
  • UNC campuses brought more than $940 million in external grants into the state in FY 2003, largely from federal sources. Much of this research activity is directly targeted to meet economic, health, and social needs within North Carolina.