University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas

The whole trip takes about 5 hours and 37 minutes. The distance from Irving to the University of Arkansas is 340 miles. If I was to drive over there it would only take me about $55. It would cost me 559+17.01=568. The flight leaves 1:45 p.m. non-stop. It will take about 1 hour and 5 minutes to get to Arkansas.
In Irving there is about 64% white and then there is about 85% white in Faytetteville. There population is kind of close to ours except the we have less white then them and more hispanics.

  1. You decided to buy a lotto card on a whim and won 500.00. Consider this: If you save this money, you will have an extra 500.00 next month for unexpected expenses, or spend it on extra entertainment.
    +500 I would save it up instead of wasting the money.
  2. Imagine you got a job on campus that pays 8.00 an hour. If yo ucan balance school and work by working 30 hours a week, how much money will you make in a 4-week period?
    I will make 960.00 dollars working 30 hours a week for 4 weeks.
  3. You were driving recklessly and couldnt avoid the large pothole. Now you are out a tire. You are going to replace in the next month. If the replacement costs 150.00, with taxes, how many hours do you need to work in order to pay for it?
    I will have to work for 20 hours.
  4. Final exam week is coming up and you have to cut back on hours at work. If you work only 12 hours a week for 3 weeks, how much money will you be short?
    I will only make $288.
  5. I think that TCU is better for me because it is located in my home city. I have grown up in Texas my whole life. Leaving Texas would be hard and getting to know a very different place and it would be hard to fit in a place where there is 85% white. Even if it would'nt be a problem to move the cost to live there is expenisive. I can live right in my house and go to TCU but over there I would have to live on campus and pay to live there. Then it would not cost me to get anywhere like paying the ticker to get there by airplane or by driving there. So overall TCU is a better place to got to college rather than going to University of Arkansas.

This is the cost of living in Irving.
1: $763.82 is the Tution Fee.
2: Books $60.
3: $371 is the Living Expense.
4: Food is $150.
6:Entertainment is $100.


This the cost of living in Fatyetteville.
1: Tution fee is $2690.
2: Books cost $60.
3: Living Expense cost $500.
4: Food Cost $150.
5: Entertainment cost $100.