Johns Hopkins University
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Distance from Irving, Tx to Baltimore, MD
The distance is about 1400 miles and it takes 21 hrs and 26 mins in car
It will take 56 gallons and $256


A. You decided to buy a lotto card on a whim and won 500.00. Consider this: If you save this money, you will have an extra 500.00 next month for unexpected expenses, or spend it on extra entertainment.
I would save the $500

B. Imagine you got a job on campus that pays 8.00 an hour. If you can balance school and work by working 30 hours a week, how much money will you make in a 4-week period?
I will make $960.00

C. You were driving recklessly and couldnt avoid the large pothole. Now you are out a tire. You are going to replace in the next month. If the replacement costs 150.00, with taxes, how many hours do you need to work in order to pay for it?
I will need to work 20 hours to pay for the tire. Working 20 hours would give me 160 so i can add up the taxes.

D. Final exam week is coming up and you have to cut back on hours at work. If you work only 12 hours a week for 3 weeks, how much money will you be short?
I would be making 288.00 for working 3 weeks getting paid 8 per hour. I would be short of 672.00

4. In my opinion i would go to CIA for many good reasons. 1 is that i dont have to drive 1300 miles to go to a university in USC while cia is located in
Houston. As most of you know i am involved in sports like soccer and football. CIA is well known for their top chefs. I hope i could get a scholarship for CIA by cooking.I really want to go to this school because it has a good reputation.


America Liberty Scholarship, 2,000
Deans scholarships, 3,400