Yeshiva University
Founded in:

Located in:
New York City
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Total miles from Irving, Texas:

1,563 miles

Nearest City:

New York City

Cost to drive to Yeshiva University:

It would cost about $250.08 to drive to Yeshiva University (located in New York City).
It would take about 24 hours (one day) to get to the destination.

Cost to Fly to Yeshiva University:

It would cost about $141 dollars to fly to Yeshiva University (located in New York City).
This flight includes one stop.
The total time would take about 6 hours and 13 minutes.


Irving has a lot more caucasians than New York city.
New York city is a bit more diverse when it comes to ethnicities.
The African American population is definitely bigger in New York City.

Irving has higher temperature averages for all of the months.
The temperatures are fairly similar in comparison.
In the beggining of the year, there is a slightly bigger difference in temperatures.

Historical Facts:
In 1929 the campus bid farewell to one Rabbi.
They also transfered twelve new Rabbis to their Wilf campus.

In 1932 Yeshiva College celebrated its first graduating class.

In 1952 Eleanor Roosevelt earns an honorary doctorate degree from Yeshiva University.

In 1953 Albert Einstein views a model of the medical school in the University.

In 1957 an award is presented to John F. Kennedy by chairman of the board at Yeshiva University.